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A comprehensive repertoire
with plenty of room for customized solutions.

On completion of the moulding process, FAF can offer on-site refinement of your products. We master a wide range of value-adding processing like

Printing and hot stamping
Whether you prefer pad printing or hot stamping we have mastered both services for years.

Both electroplating and spraying are performed in close cooperation with external experts under FAF supervision.

The ability to condition polyamide (PA) components is integral for any plastic injection moulder, and with new conditioning equipment FAF became a certified provider of this service in 2007. With a capacity 1.4 t PA components the equipment has a high flow-through. After the climate-controlled treatment, the components can skip finishing treatment and transfer directly to the next processing stage. The very same equipment also enables temperatures for certified treatment of components of POM, PBT, TPU and other materials.

Since 2006 we have also been able to laser print components. The advanced Nd:YAG-Laser covers 300 x 300 mm in one process and is applicable for all types of material except glass and PMMA.

In this way we can offer our customers brand new opportunities – and the special advantage that we can process areas that are inaccessible to other print systems.