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A comprehensive repertoire
with plenty of room for customized solutions.

The most essential prerequisite in working with plastic materials is accuracy. State of the art injection moulding machines with power ranges from 150 to 6500 kN ensure reliable and flawless performance.

High-tech processes like automated material feed, colour dosage and controlled unloading robots ensure the highest level of precision and cleanliness. And our long-year experience in injection moulding further adds to ensuring production stability.

In terms of precision, our production equipment plays an important role too:

  • 36 modern Arburg injection moulding machines from 150kN up to 4400kN.
  • 1 modern Battenfeld injection moulding machines from 3200kN up to 6500kN.

In addition:

  • Gas injection moulding
  • 2K-technology
  • Tandem operation